Technical Research on ISS US Segment

HEAT Experiment

Experiment HEAT is a part of the scientific research program to be conducted by ESA astronaut of the Dutch nationality Andre Kuipers onboard the ISS RS in the frame of DSM Delta Project. The European Space Agency is a customer of the preparation and implementation of the research program.

The experiment is conducted in MSG on the US On-Orbit Segment of the ISS.


  • Characterization of the heat transfer performances of a grooved heat pipe under microgravity conditions.
  • Validation of the existing mathematical hydraulic model that is used to evaluate the performances of a new generation of heat pipes.


Perform measurements in heat pipes in three functioning modes:

  • Parallel heating/cooling (i.e. evaporation from below, condensing from below).
  • Anti-parallel heating/cooling (i.e. evaporation from above, condensing from below).
  • Mixed heating/cooling conditions (i.e. evaporation from below and above, condensing from below).

Science Hardware Used:

  • HEAT Experiment Box with a heat pipe, in which liquid ammonia NH3 is used as a coolant.
  • HEAT Kit 1with experiment accessories.

Experiment Results:

Information recorded in MSG computer and downlinked from the ISS US On-orbit Segment.