Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

3D Camera Experiment

3D CAMERA experiment is a part of the science research program to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Pedro Duque, ESA astronaut of Spanish nationality in the frame of the SSM CERVANTES Project. The European Space Agency is a customer for the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.


Acquire practical skills in taking 3D imageries on the ISS, define the interest of professionals, mass media and public in such imageries, as well as collect data for upgrading and improvement of 3D camera for further flights and potential utilization of 3D technology on spacecraft during rendezvous operations.


  • Testing of 3D camera in zero gravity conditions on Soyuz spacecraft and ISS.
  • Taking stereoscopic images of astronaut activity and hardware accommodation locations inside the ISS.
  • Imagery of the Earth surface.

Science Hardware Used:

  • 3D Camera Kit:
    - stereoscopic 3D camera with two lens Nikkor AIS;
    - batteries LR44 (4 pcs.);
    - bracket adapter.
  • Photoflash Nikon.
  • Universal adapter bracket LIV.


  • 3D Camera. Tapes Kit with 35-mm tape boxes (20 pieces)

Experiment Results:

Films returned to the ground with photo imagery results.