Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Acoustika-M


Determination of integrated acoustic load on the ISS crew with regard to both onboard systems noise, and voice signals and interference during radio communication sessions, evaluation of quality of voice communication and cosmonauts hearing, approbation of reducing acoustic load on the crew during communication sessions and improvement of the onboard communication quality.


  • Recording of voice information on the ISS and interference in the communication link during communication sessions of the crew with the ground for further analysis;
  • Measurement of characteristics of ISS acoustic medium and onboard communication links qualifying voice transmission and acoustic load on the crew during communication coverage.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Cosmonaut hearing protection set;
  • Acoustic noise monitoring system (two-channel sound analyzer BK 2260);
  • Laptop.


  • Acoustika Kit

Expected Results:

  • Recommendations to improve the onboard communication quality with concurrent reduction of volume of audio signals, that will allow to reduce the acoustic load on cosmonauts' organs of hearing
  • Recommendations to add requirements aimed at assuring reliability of the audio communication concerning articulation and articulation characteristics of speech transactions to the operational requirements for acoustic conditions in the ISS RS modules.
  • Acquisition of data to develop computer techniques to remove interference from a speech signal.

ISS Crew

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