Technical Research on ISS US Segment

NANOSLAB Experiment

NANOSLAB experiment is a part of the science research activities to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Frank de Winne, ESA astronaut of Belgian nationality in the frame of the ODISSEA Project. The European Space Agency and Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC) are customers of the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.

The experiment is conducted in MSG on US Segment.


Study of the aggregation mechanism and kinetics of ZSM-5 and Silicalite-1 nanoslabs into ZSM-5 / Silicalite-1 hybrid phases under micro-gravity conditions.


To obtain kinetic profiles of the formation of ZSM-5 / Silicalite-1 phases under micro-gravity conditions.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) in the Destiny Laboratory;
  • NANOSLAB Sample container including 10 assemblies, each containing three cells with experimental liquid samples;
  • NANOSLAB Electronics box.

Experiment Results:

Processed samples (in 30 cells) located in NANOSLAB assembly.