Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Kromka


  • Checkout of the efficiency of operation of gas-dynamic protective devices accommodated on the Service module and designed to protect the ISS surfaces against contaminants produced by pulse activation of control liquid-jet thrusters.
  • Study of the effect of contaminants deposition on the characteristics of materials specimens and external coatings of the ISS elements (radiators, solar array panels, etc.).


  • Installation of boards with materials specimens on the external surface of the Zvezda Service module (SM) of the ISS RS in the periphery area of the jet of the thrusters nozzles during extravehicular activity.
  • Passive exposure of the boards on the SM external surface.
  • Dismounting of the boards after long-duration exposure during extravehicular activity and their return to the ground for processing of the experiment results.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Boards with materials specimens


  • Sets of pouches to return the boards.

Expected Results:

Assessment of the efficiency of gas-dynamic protective devices and development of recommendations (if necessary) on possible modifications thereof.