Technical Research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Vektor-T


Development test of the ISS motion prediction procedure, guidance and navigation control system orientation recording methods and operating modes, navigation satellite system measurement processing methods to determine and predict the ISS orbit, development of the experimental system of the ISS motion high-precision prediction.


  • Verification of orbit determination and prediction methods based on navigation satellite systems, and issue of recommendations for their nominal utilization.
  • Development of the ISS motion determination procedures and software based on the satellite navigation system measurements with regard to the ISS attitude data.
  • Comparison of predicted values of the ISS motion parameters with the navigation measurement data. Updating of the prediction model parameters based on the derived mismatch.
  • Generation of the experimental system of ISS motion high-precision prediction based on the developed models of the ISS disturbances, motion determination and prediction procedures and experimentally updated parameters of the ISS motion prediction models.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • ISS RS motion and navigation control system sensors;
  • Satellite navigation equipment;
  • ISS RS orbit radio tracking system.

Expected Results:

Development test of the experimental system of the ISS high-precision prediction to ensure a reference of the ISS experiment and investigation results, as well as the station flight control tasks.

ISS Crew