Earth and space sciences

Seiner Experiment


Test of information support procedure by the ISS Russian Segment crews in full-scale conditions for scientific-searching and fishing operations performed by State Fishery Committee ships in the World ocean waters.


  • Investigation of the World ocean areas in the latitude belt of 54 for check search and determination of the current position coordinates of bioproductive water areas.
  • Record of shape, structure and morphometric characteristics of color contrast formations observed from space in the given bioproductive ocean areas at certain conditions for sighting and sunlight.

Support Hardware:

  • Camera Nikon D2X;
  • Camcorder Sony HVR-Z1J;
  • Laptop RSK2.

Expected Results:

Development and experimental test of the interaction procedure between the crews of the ISS RS and the State Fishery Committee ships during the search and development of fishing productive areas of the World ocean.

Experiment Results:

Digital photo and video images of the World Ocean water area to be returned to the ground on a removable hard disk and video cassettes.