Earth and space sciences

Radar-Progress Experiment


Definition of space-time dependences of density, temperature, ion composition of local nonuniformities of the ionosphere occurring as a result of the onboard liquid rocket engine operation.


  • Measurement of the level and space-time characteristics of disturbances of density, temperature and ion composition of the ionosphere caused by LRE operation depending on the induced jet direction relative to the velocity vector of SC flight and direction of solar radiation.
  • Definition of the effect of seasonal variations of the ionosphere parameters and the solar activity level on the drift rate and direction of local ionospheric nonuniformities.

Used Flight Equipment:

  • Propulsion system of Progress cargo transport vehicle.
  • Teleoperation control mode (TOCM) USW-band radio equipment.
  • Ground radio observation equipment - the incoherent scatter radar developed by the Institute of Solar Terrestrial Physics, Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Experiment Results:

  • information on the timeline of activation of orbital maneuvering engines (OME) and TOCM USW transmitter, which is the telemetry information and data on the propulsion system control commands from the electronic database of MCC-M guidance, navigation and control system group;
  • ballistic data package calculated by the Lead Operations Control Team mathematical simulation center;
  • information on the study object reflecting characteristics, recorded by the ground flight equipment, namely by the mentioned incoherent scatter radar;
  • measurement data processed by the Institute of Solar Terrestrial Physics devices used.

ISS Crew