Biotechnological research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Bakteriofag


Study of space flight factors effect on medical, diagnostic and genetic characteristics.


  • Provision of the ground reproduction and the result of bacteriophages on sensitive cultures.
  • Test of bacteriophages delivery and exposure conditions in a space flight.
  • Investigation of biological and genetical characteristics of bacteriophages.
  • Provision of the clone collection with heritable deviations in morphological characteristics.
  • Production of strains with a new spectrum of lytic effect.

Science Hardware Used :

  • Case Bioecologia;
  • Thermostat Cryogem-03.

Experiment Results:

Case Bioecologia to be returned to the ground.

Expected Results:

Bacteriophages with biological and physical and chemical characteristics changed will be used for medical and diagnostic purposes as well as for genetic investigations.