Biotechnological research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Vaktsina-K


Creation of new vaccines against dangerous virous diseases, development of the national vaccine against AIDS.


Development tests of the crystallization procedure and production of the crystals of protein-candidate for vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) under microgravity conditions.

Science Hardware Used :

  • Luch-2 equipment accommodating multipurpose crystallization cassettes


  • Thermal insulating container Biokont-T
    for transportation of the Luch-2 equipment
  • Temperature-stable container AQUA 01

Experiment Results:

The crystals grown under space flight conditions in multipurpose crystallization cassettes returned to Earth for a subsequent X-ray crystal analysis.

Expected Results:

Creation of a new generation of vaccines against virous infections based upon synthetic proteins with a predetermined antigenicity and immunogenicity.