Biotechnological research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment MSK


Research into capability of mesenchymal truncal cells from bone marrow to perform their inherent functions under different cultivation conditions during space flight.


Conduct of truncal cells cultivation process in thermally controlled container Acquarius and return of the experiment results to the ground.

Science Hardware Used :

  • Embrion Kit
  • Thermally controlled container Acquarius
    to accommodate Embrion Kit

Experiment Results:

  • Embrion Kit with cells subjected to cultivation.

Expected Results:

  • Generation of experimental data on in-flight and post-flight cell viability, activity.
  • Identification of functional disturbance of locomotive system in flight and providing recommendations to reduce the risk of developing these complications after return of the cosmonauts to ground.
  • Assessment of applicability of the truncal cells onboard a manned spacecraft for rehabilitative therapy of the injured organs during a long-duration space flight.