Biotechnological research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Biodegradation


Development of biological safety assurance techniques for spacecraft based on the investigation of initial stages of colonization of surfaces of structural materials of habitation modules and SC external surfaces by various microorganisms.


Investigation of the initial stages of colonization of surfaces of structural materials by microorganisms under ISS crew confined habitation environment conditions.

Science Hardware Used :

  • Biosamples Kit.

Flight Equipment Used :

  • Still camera Nikon F5.


  • Film 35 mm.

Experiment Results:

Microflora samples (20 samples) in Biosamples Kit taken from surfaces of the structural materials of the ISS RS pressurized compartments.

Expected Results:

Acquisition of new integrated data on colonization dynamics for various material surfaces, composition and structure of biological layers, destructive properties of their microorganisms, their sensitivity to various biocydes, that will allow to choose more advanced approaches for inhibition of harmful activity of destructive microorganisms, and purposefully proceed to development of effective methods of protecting SC structural and decorative materials against biological corrosion and biological damages.