Biotechnological Research on ISS Russian Segment

GCF Experiment

"GCF" experiment is incorporated into the French research program ANDROMEDA, which is a constituent part of the "Program for implementation of scientific and application research planned for the third manned expedition ISS-3". CNES is a customer for preparing and carrying out the program of scientific and engineering experiments during the French astronaut mission to ISS RS.

"GCF" experiment is a continuation of the studies that began during STS-95 mission when three experiments were performed using crystallization units APCF in order to test crystallization technique that uses counter-diffusion method in zero gravity. This mission will use the already developed crystallization technique on new equipment - GCF crystallization unit.


Protein crystallization in zero gravity to study spatio-temporal oversaturation patterns in the course of protein crystal nuclei formation and growth using the technique of counter-diffusion in gel.


Developmental testing of crystallization process in GCF unit based on counter-diffusion technique using X-ray capillaries as a protein chamber.

Equipment Used:

  • Thermal insulation transport container GCF 01;
  • GCF 02 kit to return the experiment results to Earth.