Science Research on ISS Russian Segment

Program of Utilization activities and Scientific Experiments for spaceflight participant Charles Simonyi

Based on the contract concluded between Roskosmos and the Space adventures company (USA) of May 28, 2008 and the agreement between the Federal Space Agency and OAO RSC Enegia of December 15, 2008 it was planned to perform a spaceflight of the U.S. Citizen Charles Simonyi on the ISS Russian Segment as VC-16 spaceflight participant.

List of Activities for Spaceflight Participant Charles Simonyi onboard the ISS RS

Brief Description
Photo and video imagery of the Earth underlying surface and in the Station interior onboard the ISS RS for educational purpose.
Participation in MCC - ISS RS - MCC telebridges in real time mode.
Performance of Pille-Simonyi-2 radiation safety experiment Measurement of space radiation individual adsorbed dose during the VC-16 flight time.
Sessions of amateur radio communication.
Demonstration of symbolic items onboard the ISS RS.

In compliance with the concluded Contract the following users resources are allocated for VC-16 spaceflight participant:


Delivery of cargo items (including personal items) to the ISS RS

by the Souyz TMA-14 transport spacecraft

up to 15 kg

Return of cargo items

by the Souyz TMA-13 transport spacecraft


up to 5 kg

Total power consumed
up to 100 W
Russian cosmonaut assistance
up to 5 h