Experiments, performed according to the NASA-Roscosmos protokol dated July 18, 2013

Experiment Study of rodents


Characterization of biological and molecular processes related to tissue regeneration.


  • Understand the biological and molecular nature of the processes associated with tissue restoration (tissue regeneration) in space flight.
  • Assess a therapeutic effect of certain osteoinductive agents able to induce the regeneration of bone tissue in space flight conditions.
  • Determine what transcriptomic, genomic, proteomic, metabonomic and microbiome aspects are critical to restoration of bone tissue. Sort and integrate "omix" results for obtaining enriched chains and ontologies by creating heuristic algorithms.
  • Use these methods to identify new bone regeneration/loss biomarkers.

Used hardware:

  • Living compartment for rodents;
  • Transportation compartment to carry animals;
  • Animal access unit (AAU);
  • Auxiliary sets;
  • Special experimental equipment;
  • Modular equipment for automatic configuration of connected devices Wetlab-2 (ARC);
  • Bone densitometer;
  • Bone densitometer;
  • Support biomedical equipment.

Experiment results:

The findings of investigation are biological materials (frozen biological samples).