Experiments, performed according to the NASA-Roscosmos protokol dated July 18, 2013

Experiment SPHERES - ZeroRobotics


Demonstration of the possibilities provided to 14 - 19 years scholars for the active participation in developing programs for robots simulating satellites. The programs are being developed for experimental satellites SPHERES, which are onboard the International Space Station. Supposed that Russian senior classes' pupils and students will be actively participating in this competition.


  • Participation of the Russian cosmonaut in "SPHERES - ZeroRobotics" experiment session conduction.

Used scientific hardware:

  • SPHERES experimental satellite (3 items).

Used flight hardware:

  • Т61р laptop;
  • LPTX antenna (irradiator);
  • SPHERES satellites' beacons with fixing clamps;
  • Tester for satellites' beacon;
  • Reservoir (tank) with СО2 for SPHERES (level of СО2 internal pressure from 3,45 bar to 59 bar - satellites use compressed gas pressure for space motion);
  • G1 video camera;
  • D2Xs photo camera.

Experiment Results:

TData received from satellites to laptop are transmitted in record for carrying out further analysis by ground group of specialists concerning SPHERES satellites and providing for open access to the Internet network.