Physico-chemical processes and materials in space conditions

Experiment Peritektika


Identifying dependence of the phase transition mechanism and physical and engineering properties of metal samples on the conditions of convective mixing of the melt, and development of the process for production of a new class of magnetic and structural materials based on iron alloyed with Ni, Co, Pt and Pd and alloys Ti-Al-Nb used in industry.


Study of samples of metal alloys from batch 1.3 and batch 2.2 cartridges.

Equipment for the experiment:

MSL- furnace consisting of:
  • experimental Module;
  • space experiment electronic control unit;
  • high-speed video camera;
  • power supply and water cooling unit;
  • gas supply unit;
  • container for storing cartridges with samples;
  • cartridge with samples;
  • samples loading unit.

Experiment results:

This experiment results in kits with samples obtained after conducting all the planned sessions (the kit dimensions are 260x215x170 mm, and its mass is 4 kg).