Physico-chemical processes and materials in space conditions

Experiment Kinetika-1


Evaluation of convection effects during high-speed phase transitions under conditions of floating-zone refining of Cu-Zr metal alloys in comparative measurements in the on-the-ground (1g) and microgravity environments.


  • Study of samples of metal alloys from batch 1.3 cartridges.

Equipment for the experiment:

MSL- furnace consisting of:
  • experimental Module;
  • space experiment electronic control unit;
  • high-speed video camera;
  • power supply and water cooling unit;
  • gas supply unit;
  • container for storing cartridges with samples;
  • cartridge with samples;
  • samples loading unit.

Experiment results::

This experiment results in kits with samples obtained after conducting all the planned sessions (the kit dimensions are 260x215x170 mm, and its mass is 4 kg).