Earth Resources Sensing

Microwave Radiometry Experiment


Develop methods for the Earth remote sensing in the advanced UHF electromagnetic wave band to determine the soil humidity, vegetation parameters and the sea salinity.


  • Measure the radiance temperatures of the underlying surface by the panoramic radiometer using linear polarization of radiation received to evaluate the soil humidity and vegetation biomass, sea salinity from space on regional and global scales.
  • Develop the data processing methods for the panoramic radiometric Earth sensing from space.
  • Study the possibility of practical using the space data in the interests of ecology and meteorology.

Used Hardware:

Panoramic radiometer RK-21-8 consisting of:

  • Antenna system with a calibrator;
  • Microwave radiometer receiver;
  • Command-information unit (CIU).

Лицевая сторона антенной системы РК-21-8 Тыльная сторона антенной системы РК-21-8

Experiment Results:

Data with information about the recorded thermal radio radiation of the Earth underlying surface.

Expected Results:

Methods for the Earth remote sensing in UHF wave band to evaluate the soil humidity, vegetation biomass, sea salinity on regional and global scales.