Earth Resources Sensing

KAP 10 Experiment

KAP 10 experiment forms part of the research program performed by South Korean astronaut Yi So Yeon under KAP Project on the ISS RS. The research program is preparation and implemented on order by the South Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).


Photo imageries of the underlying surface of Earth (dust formations over Mongolia and North China, Mount Kilimanjaro, King George Island, Rocky Mountains and others)


Photo imagery of atmosphere and Earths surface.

Science Hardware Used:

  • KAP-10 Kit with replaceable data carriers (flash cards, video tapes, harddrives) and consumables (batteries, adapters, flashes).

Support Hardware:

  • Camera Nikon D2X;
  • Camcorder Sony HVR-Z1J.

Experiment Results:

Photo and video data recorded on flash cards, video tapes and harddrive to be returned to ground.