Earth Resources Sensing

Volny Experiment


Recording and mapping of the wave processes in upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere by wave-like disturbances in the boundary surface between optically thin and optically dense atmosphere.


Study of wave characteristics at altitudes of upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere depending upon a season and geographic location.

Science Hardware Used:

    LSO equipment, including:
  • Microcamera unit on a rotary bracket;
  • Electronics box;
  • Cable set.

Support Hardware:

  • Control unit for EGE1 experiment;
  • Bracket.


  • Removable hard disk for EGE1.

Expected Results:

  • Looking into a possibility of recording the waves generated by high-power pulse sources of natural and technogenic character at mesospheric altitudes.
  • Recording of atmospheric waves originating from persistent thermospheric sources (atmospheric convection, changes in thermospheric circulation, stream flows, the processes of interacting of surface air flow with the Earth surface relief).

Experiment Results:

  • Scientific information (digital video recording) obtained via LSO equipment and recorded on the replaceable hard disk;
  • Ballistic data (ISS orientation, ISS altitude, geographic coordinates of subsatellite point, Sun and Moon angles) for referencing the measurement results.