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Experiment Kulonovskiy Kristall


Study of dynamic and structural characteristics of the coulomb systems formed by the charged dispersed diamagnetic macroparticles in the magnetic trap; investigation of the following processes onboard the ISS RS: the condensed dust media - coulomb crystals and coulomb liquids formation by the charged macroparticles.


Video imaging of dynamics of the assembly of the charged diamagnetic macroparticles 100, 200, 300 and 400 m in size in antiprobkotron magnetic field with Bmax ~ 0.14 Tesla in microgravity.

Оборудование для эксперимента

Science Equipment Used:

  • Power supply and control unit;
  • Electromagnet unit;
  • Replaceable containers;
  • Fuse set;
  • Cable set.

Experiment Results:

Magnetic video cassettes returned to the ground with video data and session protocols filled in by operators.

Expected Results:

  • SE results can be used during the development of the advanced current sources for spacecraft based on photovoltaic cells.
  • Study of the dispersed material control features using a magnetic field in microgravity.
  • Evaluation of a capability of contactless retention of different media (solid, liquid and dispersion) by means of nonuniform magnetic field when performing different technological operations in microgravity.