NASA Experiments fulfilled by the Russian cosmonaut in the frames of the annual medical program

Experiment Sleep Monitoring


The end of the "Sleep" experiment with the use of actigraph and registration of sleep with annual expedition members participation.


    The test of hypothesis that
  • long (annual) space flight leads to sleep disturbance identified by wrist actigraph;
  • sleep duration is connected to impression of light at an inopportune time and/or insufficient intensity while transferring crew members to needed cycle of sleep and wakeful state;
  • sleep disturbances and/or biorhythms failure lead to subjective dissatisfaction of sleep and vivacity level in the day-time;
  • long (annual) space flight leads to the duration's reduction and quality loss of a sleep, and also leads to tiredness during the day according to the sleep and wakeful state log data.

Used science hardware:

  • Actiwatch Spectrum wrist actigraph;
  • sleep log.

Experiment results:

Data obtained by Actiwatch Spectrum actigraph.