NASA Experiments fulfilled by the Russian cosmonaut in the frames of the annual medical program

Experiment Fine Motor Skills


Detailed systematic study of the efficiency of precision movements' fulfilment at different stages of weightlessness adaptation, and study of the efficiency of long stay in weightlessness, and also sensor-motor functions' recovery after returning to terrestrial gravity.


  • clarification of weightlessness long-term effect influence on precision movements' fulfilment;
  • clarification of gravity level changes influence on precision movements fulfilment.

Used science hardware:

  • iPad plotting device with the experiment software (the experiment software provides for the fulfilment of four assignment modules for checking reaction's rate and precision. The tasks include: touching of multidirectional moving object; object moving on the screen; outlining along the perimeter of various geometrical figures; figures' rotation on the screen).

Expected Results:

Experimental data concerning influence of the long stay in weightlessness on sensor-motor human function.