Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Name Expected
Experiments Results
Sprut-MBI, Sprut-2
Additional physiological information to extend notions about the human adaptation to zero-gravity effects.
Mass Transfer Development test of one of the links of future bio-technical cosmonauts life support system.
Development test of prediction procedure of dose characteristics of radiation environment in the Service Module compartments.
FARMA Obtaining new information about details of absorption, distribution and elimination of acetominophene as a medicine.
POLIGEN Search for genetic criteria for revealing living organisms with a maximum possible resistance extreme conditions of a prolonged space flight.
DIUREZ Evaluation of water-electrilyte metabolism adaptation to zero-gravity environment.
A study of biochemical status of humans in space flight.
Profilaktika A study of mechanisms and efficiency of various methods of preventing human locomotion system disfunctions in zero gravity.
PULSE Investigation of vegetative regulation of the human cardiorespiratory system in zero gravity.
BIMS Study of information support processes for the flight medical support using telemedical equipment TBK-1.
BIORISK Investigation of impact of space factors on the state of the "microorganisms - substrates" system as applied to the problem of ecological safety of space technology and planetary quarantine.
RASTENIA-2 Study of the growth and evolution of higher plants and also test of their cultivation procedure in microgravity conditions.
PILOT Research into individual features of cosmonauts' psychophysiologic condition and their steady professional activity regulation during a long-term space flight.
INTERCELLULAR INTERACTION Research into intercellular interactions during orbital space flight.
GEMATOLOGIA Research into morphologic-functional properties of human blood cells and intensity of erythropoiesis (formation of erythrocytes) on exposure to space flight factors.
PLASMIDA Transfer of plasmid DNA during conjugation in the space flight.
STATOKONIA Study of growth potential of statokonias in organs of equilibrium of gastropods (Gastropoda) in zero-gravity conditions.
Regeneratsia Study of zero-gravity impact on the regeneration processes of biological objects by electrophysiological and morphological indices.
AKVARIUM Study of the state stability of the model closed ecological system and its links in microgravity conditions, microsystem components and the advanced biological life support systems for space crews.
SONOKARD A comprehensive study of bodily physiological functions by contactless method in sleep in the course of long-duration space flight.
VZAIMODEYSTVIYE Study of space crew behavioral laws throughout long-duration space flight.
DYKHANIE Study of the breathing regulation and biomechanics in spaceflight conditions.
PNEUMOCARD Study of spaceflight effect on a vegetative regulation of blood circulation, breathing and heart contraction function in a long-duration mission.
RASTENIA Investigation of growth and evolution of higher plants as well as test of their cultivation procedure in microgravity.
TIPOLOGIA Study of typological features of operator activity of the ISS crews in long-term space flight phases.
IMMUNO Investigation of neuroendocrine and immunologic changes before, during and after space flight on the ISS.
Chromato-Mass Spectr M Investigation of human microbiological status using the chromatography-mass spectrometry method.

ISS Crew

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