Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Tipologia Experiment


Identification of objective features of typological manifestations of operator activity, which can be used for assessment of the actual mental state, prediction and correction of quality of professional task performance in a space flight.


  • Assessment of preservation of individual typological features of operator activity and their predicted value.
  • Assessment of preservation of adaptive biological control skill (ABC) and the correction effect.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Set TIPOLOGIA, consisting of:
    • TIPOLOGIA kit;
  • Complex Neirolab-2000.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Computer RSK1 of Think Pad A31P type with a set of accessories;
  • Operator restraints;
  • Kit with table complete set.

Expected Results:

Generation of objective data on preservation of the adaptive control skill in the actual flight with a rush of blood to the head that is natural in weightlessness will allow to develop methods to improve the cosmonaut readiness for various types of operator activity when stochastic and determined stimula act.

Experiment Results:

Complex NEIROLAB-2000 provides taking readings, amplification and processing of the following physiological functions and factors:

  • electroencephalogram;
  • color selection procedure and verbal characteristics when performing Luscher psychological test;
  • efficiency factors of playing computer games (the following is measured: number of correct answers, errors, time of task implementation, etc.).

All the data generated during the experiment is recorded on a hard disk of onboard computer Laptop Think Pad A31P RSK1 and at the end of the Expedition the data is recorded on memory card PCMCIA and removable disk HDD-FOTO-SM which upon the Expedition completion are returned to the ground.

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