Human Life Research on ISS US Orbital Segment

IMMUNO-G Experiment

IMMUNO-G experiment is included in the research program conducted onboard the ISS by spaceflight participant Richard Garriott within the framework of the GTA project. The experiment is to be performed under US medical program on the US Orbital Segment using the USOS onboard equipment.


Evaluate clinical risks caused by the adverse effects of space flight on the human immune system.


  • To study human psycho-neuroendocrinal regulation, before, during and after the space flight to ISS.
  • To monitor cosmonaut's immune system parameters.
  • To study cosmonaut's energy metabolism.
  • To study human psycho-neuroendocrinal behavior during the space flight to ISS.

Science Hardware Used:

The experiment uses US hardware for taking saliva and blood samples.
Saliva and blood sampling kits are on-board and belong to the USOS standard medical equipment.

  • US saliva sampling kit.

  • US blood sampling kit.

Experiment Results:

Saliva and blood samples.