Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

KAP 01 Experiment

KAP 01 experiment forms part of the research program performed by South Korean astronaut Yi So Yeon under KAP Project on the ISS RS. The research program is preparation and implemented on order by the South Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).


Study of effects of the space environment (specifically, microgravity and space radiation) on plant cells.


  • Exposure of plant cells onboard ISS RS.
  • Demonstration of plant growth process onboard ISS RS for educational purposes.

Science Hardware Used:

  • SIS-1 Kit, including

11 seed bags. Each pack includes separate plant species: rice (50g), soybean (70g), rape (20g), radish (20g), hot pepper (75g), perilla (20g), arabidopsis (5g), orchids (5g), dandelion (75g), hibiscus (15g), cosmos (75g). The bag is a vacuum aluminum bag.

  • SIS-2 Kit, containing

Four chambers with planted seeds: two with soybean seeds and two with radish seeds. Each chamber houses 12 seeds.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Laptop RSE1;
  • Digital camera Nikon D2X;
  • Camcorder Sony HVR-Z1J
  • for videotaping activities of the Korean astronaut.

Experiment Results:

Exposed seeds in SIS-1 Kit, log sheets and accompanying photo and video information to be returned to ground.