Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

ETD-M Experiment

Experiment ETD-M is included in the program of research activities to be performed by Malaysian angkasawan Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie onboard the ISS Russian Segment in the framework of ANGKASA MSM Project. The experiment is performed under the joint program with ESA.


Study of vestibular-oculomotor orientation in microgravity conditions.


Measurement of eye and head motions by using 3D eye tracking device, recording and storage of received data.

Science Hardware Used:

Video oculographic ETD hardware including:

  • System unit, consisting of a special computer and built-in power supply;
  • Head unit, light removable measuring unit fastened on the subject head and having information and electrical interfaces with the system unit. The head unit consists of two video cameras and two accelerometers, which allow to record all movements of the subject head and eyes during the experiment;
  • ETD consumables kit with individual masks and consumables.

  • Container ETD hard disk with replaceable hard disk to record and store the experiment results;

  • ETD accessories kit with accessories for repair and restoration of ETD hardware.

Experiment Results:

Data recorded on a harddrive, which will be returned from the ISS RS in "Container ETD hard disk" kit.

ISS Crew