Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Sonokard Experiment


To develop proposals for improving the crew health monitoring system using a contactless method of acquiring physiological data in sleep.


  • To improve the system for contactless acquisition of physiological data during sleep using a device in a breast pocket of the Sonokard sports shirt.
  • To study the feasibility of obtaining the maximum of data through computer processing of records obtained overnight.
  • To systematically record the ISS crew physiological functions during sleep.
  • To study the feasibility of obtaining real-time crew health data.

Science Hardware Used:

Sonokard system, which includes:

  • Sonokard set;
  • Sonokard kit;
  • Sonokard-Data kit.

Flight Equipment Used:

On-board medical support computer RSE Med of the ThinkPad A31p type.

Experiment Results:

Returned to Earth is Sonokard-Data kit with a memory card containing the study results.

Expected Results:

Data obtained through contactless acquisition of cardiorespiratory data over the night period could serve as a basis for developing efficient criteria for evaluating and predicting adaptive capability of human body in long-duration space flight. This is important not only from scientific, but also from a practical standpoint for the further development of the system for the crew health real-time monitoring. Such a system will become an important element in manned space flight safety, since it will allow a continuous monitoring of crew health. In addition to this, continuous records of sets of physiological data will permit to gather new information about the state of different levels of physisological functions control, of their co-ordination, and the way they are related to the degree of the bodys adaptation to zero-gravity.

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