Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Pneumocard Experiment


Acquiring new scientific information to refine the understanding about the mechanisms of adapting the cardiorespiratory system and the whole organism to space flight conditions.


  • Integrated study of a cardiovascular system of astronauts in various phases of a long-duration mission in order to clarify the adaptation mechanisms and phases and determine diagnostic criteria for individual assessment of the organism adaptation to zero-gravity conditions;
  • Study of the synchronization of heart activity and breathing factors, as well as the cardiorespiratory system control processes based on variability rate of physiological parameters;
  • Study of interconnection between the cardiorespiratory system during a long-duration mission and tolerance of orthostatic and physical activities at the beginning of readaptation for predicting possible reactions of the crewmembers organism during the their return to ground.

Science Hardware Used:

    Pneumocard set consisting of
  • Pneumocard device
  • Pneumocard belt with a cable
  • Pneumocard-PTG sensor
  • Pneumocard-FPG sensor
  • Pneumocard CD
  • Cover

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Laptop RSE-MED;
  • Sphymanomanometer Tensoplus for manual blood pressure measurement.


  • Pneumocard-KRM Kit, consisting of:
    - ECG electrodes;
    - Disinfecting wipes;
    - Ziplock bags
  • Pneumocard-Data, consisting of:
    - Pneumocard-Data PCMCIA card
    - Cover

Expected Results:

The as-built hardware-software facility will allow to acquire information necessary for early determination of disturbances in the physiological function regulation system, that is very important for predicting a functional status of cosmonauts and scientifically justified regulation of loads.

Experiment Results:

The following physiological data will be recorded during the experiment:

  • Electrocardiogram;
  • Impedance cardiogram;
  • Low-frequency phonocardiogram (seismocardiogram);
  • Pneumotachogram (using nose temperature sensors)
  • Finger photopletismogram.

All physiological data will be recorded on the PCMCIA card, which will be downloaded upon completion of the increment.

ISS Crew

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