Contract activities on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Sample


  • Evaluate microbial species, which might inhabit the ISS.
  • Investigate the mechanism of microbial adaptation to micro-gravity.


  • Microbial sampling from the astronaut and various surfaces on the ISS RS for further strains isolation and investigation of their adhesion abilities
  • Exposure of Escherichia coli on ISS RS.

Science Hardware Used:

  • SAMPLE Collection Kit including SAMPLE sub-packs to take samples from various surfaces (computers, "walls", "personal cabins", technical equipment, etc.) and from the astronaut.

  • SAMPLE Specimen Case filled with biological objects.

  • KUBIK TOPAZ container, a thermally insulated container (incubator) for stowage of partial samples before the download.

Experiment Results:

Microbial samples taken on the ISS RS, and biological objects which were exposed to microgravity conditions.