Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

VSV Experiment

Experiment VSV forms part of the scientific research program performed by Italian Astronaut Roberto Vittori (ESA) on the ISS in the frame of ENEIDE ISM Project. The European Space Agency is a customer of the preparation and implementation of the research program.


Analyze the visceral receptors contribution to the detection of the subjective sense of vertical (which we will consider as corresponding to the astronauts body z-axis under microgravity conditions) within an environment which rules out possible bias due to visual and gravito-inertial forces.


Assess the contribution of visceral receptors to the sense of subjective vertical.

Science Hardware Used:

Container for VSV consisting of:

  • Subjective Vertical Analyzer (SVA) for VSV;
  • VSV fixing system;
  • VSV Memory card.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Chibis Lower Body Negative Pressure Device;
  • GAMMA-1M equipment.

Support Facilities:

  • Camera Nikon D1X.

Experiment Results:

  • Downlinked telemetry information
  • Data documented in the Appendix to the crew procedures.
  • Digital photos on the memory card.