Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

CIRCA Experiment

Experiment CIRCA is a part of the scientific research program to be conducted by ESA astronaut of the Dutch nationality Andre Kuipers onboard the ISS RS in the frame of DSM Delta Project. The European Space Agency is a customer of the preparation and implementation of the research program.


Study of space adaptation of the cardiovascular system to microgravity conditions.


  • 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure;
  • Measurement of finger blood pressure and ECG.

Science Hardware Used:

  • PORTAPRES device for measuring finger blood pressure.
  • BMI-2 device for measuring blood pressure.
  • Cardioscience Kit.
  • "Blood Pressure Instrument" Kit.

Support Equipment:

  • Experiment control unit EGE 2.
  • Power supply EGE 02 with cables.

Flight Hardware Used:

  • "Center" power supply.
  • "Center" control and switching unit.
  • Portable computer table.


  • CIRCA Kit.
  • "Hard Disk Return DON-10" kit.

Experiment Results:

"Hard Disk Return" kit (with the hard disk and PCMCIA card with blood pressure data and research results according to the performed protocols) will be returned to the ground.