Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

KAPPA Experiment

Experiment KAPPA is a part of the scientific research program to be conducted by ESA astronaut of the Dutch nationality Andre Kuipers onboard the ISS RS in the frame of DSM Delta Project. The European Space Agency is a customer of the preparation and implementation of the research program.


Determination of response of myeloid phagocytic cells on lipopolysaccharides of gram-negative molecules under microgravity conditions in activation of the transcription factor.


Verification of the hypothesis that microgravity inhibits activation of the transcription factor.

Science Hardware Used:

  • KAPPA experiment containers (4 units) each of one includes a plunger box unit filled with an embryonic calf serum;
  • Electronics units;
  • Memory modules.
  • KUBIK AMBER is a thermally insulated container (incubator) with a set of mounting slots for KAPPA experiment containers with the insert centrifuge. The experiment is conducted in this container.
  • KUBIK TOPAZ is a thermally insulated container (incubator) with a set of mounting slots for stowage of KAPPA experiment containers after completion of the experiment until the re-entry.
  • FLOW, KAPPA biokit for return of the experiment results to the ground.

KAPPA experiment containers KUBIK TOPAZ

Experiment Results:

Incubated cell cultures in KAPPA experiment containers and information recorded in memory modules.

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