Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

NEUROCOG-2 Experiment

NEUROCOG-2 experiment is a part of the science research program to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Pedro Duque, ESA astronaut of Spanish nationality in the frame of the CERVANTES Project and continued NEUROCOG experiment performed under the ODISSEA Project. The European Space Agency is a customer for the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.


Study of integration of visual, vestibular and proprioceptive information for perception of space orientation.


Assessment of effect of space flight conditions on perception and process of cosmonaut memorizing the orientation and location when performing investigations "Virtual turns" and "Orientation".

Science Hardware Used:

  • Cogni Kit;
  • Galley Kit;
  • Neurocog Kit with science hardware.

Flight Hardware Used:

  • Portable computer table.

Support Items:

  • Experiment control unit;
  • Power unit with cables;
  • Camcorder SONY DSR PD-150P.


  • Kit "Galley-RM";
  • Kit "Galley-INF";
  • Kit "Return of Hard Discs";
  • Mini DV videotape.

Experiment Results:

Records of subject electroencephalograms and electrooculograms on PCMCIA cards and information on information perception rate and accuracy recorded on a hard disc and PCMCIA card (backup copy), and mini DV videotape.