Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

BMI-2 Experiment

BMI-2 experiment is a part of the science research program to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Pedro Duque, ESA astronaut of Spanish nationality in the frame of the CERVANTES Project and continued BMI experiment performed under the MARCO POLO Project. The European Space Agency is a customer for the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.


Investigation of the blood pressure circadian rhythms in microgravity environment.


Recording of blood pressure modifications during 24 hrs to determine the circadian rhythms alterations and their relations with the quality of sleep, social interactions, stress or environmental factors.

Science Hardware Used:

  • BMI Kit:
    - BP measurement unit;
    - Cuff;
    - Belt;
    - Bag;
    - Batteries Panasonic LR6-AA;
    - Interface Cable RS-232 to record blood pressure.


  • Hard disk Return Kit with a hard disk and PCMCIA card to record all information from BMI;
  • Logbook with questionnaires to record investigated subjective sleep characteristics after night recording of blood pressure.

Experiment Results:

Information recorded in questionnaires and hard disks and PCMCIA card.