Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

ROOT Experiment

ROOT experiment is a part of the science research program to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Pedro Duque, ESA astronaut of Spanish nationality in the frame of the SSM CERVANTES Project. The European Space Agency is a customer for the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.


Study the changes that take place in the nuclear structure after exposure to microgravity during cell proliferation.


Exposition of Arabidopsis thaliana root cells onboard ISS RS.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Aquarius-B hardware, including transport container-incubator, which accommodates a set of ROO biocontainers;
  • ROO biocontainers, presenting a set of reservoirs accommodating plant seeds;
  • Biological transport container BIO-01, to upload and return biocontainers to and from ISS RS;
  • Temperature data logger.

Support Items:

  • Camcorder SONY DSR PD-150P.

Experiment Results:

  • Seeds germinated in microgravity environment in ROO biocontainers.