Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Gematologia Experiment


Deriving new data on the space flight factors impact on the human blood system to extend diagnostic and prognostic capabilities of detecting mechanisms of arising shifts in hematologic indices ("space anemia", lymphocytosis).


Collecting samples of venous and capillary blood with the aim:

  • To study erythrocyte forms;
  • To investigate metabolism of erythrocytes, cell membrane conditions, indices of ferrum metabolism and erythropoetin content in blood.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Erythrocyte Kit.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Cryogem-03 refrigerator
  • Plasma-03 centrifuge
    for blood separation into serum and plasma
  • Plasma-03 accessories kit
  • Reflotron-4 system
    to determine hemoglobin content, which includes:
    • Reflotron-4 analyzer;
    • Reflotron-4 kit;
    • Reflotron-4 accessories set;
    • Set of Reflotron-4 measuring plates

Complex of Maintenance and support aids:

  • KV-03 container


  • Plasma-03 consumables kit
  • Zaschita-MBI Pouch

Experiment Results:

  • Samples of venous blood in KV-03 container;
  • 'Eritrotsit' kit with fingertip blood samples;
  • Data on hemoglobin content transmitted via radio links;
  • The logbook sheets with crew members' records.

Expected Results:

The findings will allow to detect mechanisms of the blood system adaptation to space flight factors, to extend the system of diagnostic and prognostic criteria for assessment of human physical state under extreme effects, as well as they can be used to develop prophylactic and pharmacologic preparations to treat disturbances in the blood system in these conditions.

ISS Crew