Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Biotest-1 Experiment


Evaluation of the effect of sympathoadrenal system on mechanisms of adaptation to short-term space flight.


    Taking blood samples for:
  • a study of biochemical regulation of body homeostasis during adaptation to weightless environment;
  • a study of the role of hormonal mechanisms in the variations in the water-salt, lipid, and protein exchange;
  • selection of informative biochemical indicators to evaluate cosmonaut's health.

Standard Hardware:

  • Centrifuge "Plasma-03";
  • Mini-centrifuge M1100;


  • A set of consumables for "Plasma-03";
  • Container KB-03.

  • "Reflotron-4" kit;
  • A set of accessories for "Reflotron-4".

Expected Results:

The received information on the metabolism state makes possible assessment of the cosmonauts' physical state throughout long-duration space flights and will be used as the basis for development and improvement of diagnostic and prophylaxis tools.