Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

VEST Experiment

VEST experiment is included in the Italian scientific and technological program Marco Polo, which is a constituent part of the Russian Program for Implementation of Scientific and Technological Research Planned for the Fourth Manned Expedition ISS-4.


To evaluate a new integrated system of garments made of different types of materials intended for use in space flight environment.


  • wearing a VEST garment which was specially designed for the mission of Italian cosmonaut R.Vittori to ISS RS;
  • obtaining the cosmonaut's opinion about his psychological and physiological well-being, the garment's wearability; its aesthetic qualities, efficiency of thermal stability and physical hygiene on-board the space station.

Scientific Equipment Used:

  • VEST kit for delivery and stowage on-board SM;
  • VEST kit for return to Earth.
    There are three types of the VEST personal garments - for work, exercise and sleep - that are to be used by Italian cosmonaut R.Vittori during different types of his activities performed throughout a working day, during exercise (fitness) cycles using standard exercise hardware - stationary bicycle VB-3 and dynamometers - as well as during his sleep.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Stationary bicycle VB-3;
  • A set of dynamometers;
  • DSR-PD1P camcorder.

Support Equipment:

  • Camera NIKON F5.


  • 35-mm film,
  • video-cassettes.

Expected Results:

Verifying the functionality of the new integrated garment system VEST, including its ergonomic qualities in space flight environment, which will allow to reduce the mass and volume of clothing that is planned to be used in long-duration space missions to ISS.

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