Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

CHIRO Experiment

CHIRO experiment is included in the Italian scientific and technological program Marco Polo, which is a constituent part of the Russian Program for Implementation of Scientific and Technological Research Planned for the Fourth Manned Expedition ISS-4.


To study the effects of microgravity on the mechanism of muscular contraction, and the working capacity of cosmonaut's hand in flight.


The measurement of isometric strength of the hand, as well as finger grip strength during performance of strictly regulated exercises with hand and finger dynamometers in view of possible deterioration in the crew's working capacity.

Scientific Equipment Used:

  • Hand dynamometer HGD;
  • Finger dynamometer PFD;
  • Coupler unit SCU;
  • Data and power cables.
CHIRO equipment allows to study the capacity of the cosmonaut's motor system to produce and control in the on-orbit environments a strictly specified force in the course of performing specified exercises for hands using hand and finger dynamometers.

Support Equipment:

  • EGE laptop computer.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • DSR PDIP camcorder.


  • PCMCIA memory cards;
  • Mini-DV cassettes needed to record the data obtained in the course of the experiment, to be subsequently returned to Earth.

Expected Results:

  • obtaining the data needed to improve standard procedures for evaluating ISS crew's working capacity;
  • obtaining the data needed to develop measures to prevent adverse effects of space flight on crew health and working capacity.

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