Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Aquarius Experiment

"Aquarius" experiment is incorporated into the French research program ANDROMEDA, which is a constituent part of the "Program for implementation of scientific and application research planned for the third manned expedition ISS-3". CNES is a customer for preparing and carrying out the program of scientific and engineering experiments during the French astronaut mission to ISS RS.


A study of growth a development of biological objects under zero gravity:

  • a study of development of xenopus larvae (Xenopus lavis) of different age under exposure to space-flight environment on-board Soyuz and ISS RS;
  • a study of effects of microgravity on otolith crystallization at different phases in the development of Pleurodeles waltll larvae;
  • a study of cytoskeleton, secretion, chromosome migration using bakery yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as model.


Taking measurements of vestibular-ocular reflex of xenopus larvae.
Conducting an analysis of the morphology and functioning of inner ear receptor cells, as well as the morphology of xenopus larvae otoliths.
A study of the metabolism and enzymes of Pleurodeles waltll larvae that developed in space flight.
A study of molecular mechanisms that determine the cell division polarization.

Equipment Used:

  • Thermostatically controlled transportation container "AQUA 01" to support delivery of biologicals on-board ISS RS, storage of embryos in zero gravity and their fixation at certain stages of development.
  • Transportation container "AQUA 02" to support the return of the experiment results to Earth.
  • DSR-PDIP video camera.

Expected Results:

  • 12 dishes with live embryos;
  • 7 dishes with embryos held fixed at different phases in their development;
  • one dish with bakery yeast;
  • video recording of embryo behavior at the beginning and at the end of their stay on-board ISS RS;
  • temperature and pressure recorder data.

ISS Crew

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