Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Cogni Experiment

"Cogni" experiment is incorporated into the French research program ANDROMEDA, which is a constituent part of the "Program for implementation of scientific and application research planned for the third manned expedition ISS-3". CNES is a customer for preparing and carrying out the program of scientific and engineering experiments during the French astronaut mission to ISS RS.


A study of cosmonaut's perception of orientation and movement in three-dimensional space under zero gravity.


  • gaining new knowledge about the problems of cosmonaut determining his location while moving about the space station during the 3-D Navigation study;
  • an evaluation of the effects the gravity has on cosmonaut's perception and memorization of his orientation and location during the Visual Orientation study.

Scientific Equipment Used:

  • COGNI set of equipment:
    - viewing hood/screen frame;
    - lens tube with a mask;
    - bracket;
    - trackball
    - earphones;
    - microphone;
    - three restraining straps;
    - a small keyboard with a support.

Support Equipment:

  • EGE2 unit;
  • Power supply;
  • Cables.


  • PCMCIA card;
  • Hard drive.

Expected Results:

Obtaining inputs, which will allow to study individual characteristics of cosmonaut's psychomotor functions in space flight environment.