Human Life Research on ISS Russian Segment

Diurez Experiment


Reception of new data on the water-salt metabolism status and hormonal control of volimia in zero-gravity conditions and during post-flight readaptation period.


  • Study of the dependence between renal elimination activity and its hormonal control.
  • Study of the balance of liquid and main electrolytes.

Flight equipment Used:

  • Cryogem-03 refrigerator
    to freeze blood samples

  • Plasma-03 centrifuge
    to separate blood into plasma and serum
  • Plasma-03 set of accessories
    for sampling
  • Gematokrit Kit
    to take blood samples and separate plasma from erythrocytes defining hematocrit number
  • Reflotron-4 Kit
    capillary blood count for hemoglobin, creatinine and urea.

Support Equipment Set:

  • KV-03 Container


  • Plasma-03 Kit
    for taking, processing and storage of venous blood and urine
  • M-Priemniki Kit
    to study water-salt metabolism

Expected Results:

Evaluation of mechanisms of water-electrolyte metabolism adaptation to zero-gravity conditions.