Space Technology & Material Science on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Kristallizator


  • Study of physical processes of protein crystallization to produce the protein monocrystals perfect in structure suitable for X-ray structure analysis.
  • Study of biocrystal films of volumetric solution on substrates using the artificial epitaxy effect.
  • Development of the new generation hardware and techniques to crystallize a large amount of proteins in the interests of basic and applied biology, medicine, pharmacology and microelectronics.


  • Test of techniques in microgravity conditions to produce monocrystals of biological macromolecules and orient film-forming crystallites.
  • Test of the hardware, modes and conditions to grow the protein monocrystals and biological films.
  • Experimental estimation of efficiency and reliability of the used hardware.
  • Test of the experiment timeline to organize the small-batch growing of biocrystals and films in microgravity conditions.

Science Hardware Used:

Kristallizator science hardware Kit consisting of:

  • Module-1 a device to grow the protein monocrystals,
  • Module-3 a device to grow bidimensional oriented films using the artificial epitaxy effect.

Experiment Results:

  • Biocrystallization modules with the experiment results;
  • Log sheet with data of the experiment timeline;
  • Daily telemetry information of the air temperature in the accommodation area of biocrystallizers.