Foreign Programs

The program of experiments under KAP project
of the space flight participant Yi So Yeon

On December 7, 2006 Roscosmos and South Korean Aerospace Research Institute signed a Contract for a flight of a citizen of South Korea as a spaceflight participant of the visiting crew 14 (VC-14) to the International Space Station.
During flight onboard ISS RS Yi So Yeon will perform 52 experiment sessions during 15 experiments under Korea Astronaut Program (KAP).

The program of experiments under KAP project

Geophysical research
"KAP 09" Experiment with Telescope for Extreme Lightning

Life Science Experiments
"KAP 01" Exposition of Seeds and Growth of Plants in Space
"KAP 02" Identification of gene response of Drosophilae melanogaster under gravity effect
"KAP 04" Medical Monitoring
"KAP 05" Research of Facial Edema
"KAP 06" Experiment of Korean Space Food

Investigation of Natural Resources and Ecological Monitoring
"KAP 10" Earth Surface Observation

Biotechnological Experiments
"KAP 03" Cultivation of Microorganisms, Plant and Human Cells in Space

Technological Research and Experiments
"KAP 07" Synthesis of Zeolite Microcrystals in Micro Gravity
"KAP 08" Synthesis of Metal-Organic Porous Materials
"KAP 11" Noise Measurement on the ISS RS
"KAP 12" Verification of New Non-Volatile Memory
"KAP 13" Measuring of Small Mass in Microgravity
"KAP 15" Photo and Video Imagery of Korean Astronaut Life

Educational and humanitarian projects
"KAP 14" Korean Educational Experiment

According to the Contract the following resources are allocated for VC-14 spaceflight participant:


Ascent to ISS RS:

by Progress M-63
by Soyuz TMA-12



    17.8 kg
    31.67 kg

 49.47 kg

Return of materials with SE results:

by Soyuz TMA-11



8.13 kg

8.13 kg


Daily average

up to 100 W



VC-14 spaceflight participant
Russian cosmonaut


53 h 15 min
   6 h 40 min

 59 h 55 min