Man in space

UDOD Experiment


Studying combined changes in respiration and hemodynamics when exposed to additional breathing resistance in inspiration, aimed at preventing possible hemodynamic disturbances under conditions of a long-duration spaceflight.


  • Evaluating the external respiration features and distribution of body fluids during a spaceflight when using kit "UDOD".
  • Comparing different modes of using kit "UDOD" to select the most effective correction of hemodynamic disturbances occurring in microgravity.
  • Assessing the possibility of using kit "UDOD" as a nominal system of preventing hemodynamic disturbances and training the respiratory muscles of cosmonauts during a spaceflight.
  • Developing the guidelines for future application of kit "UDOD" in long-duration spaceflights.

	Kit "UDOD" 	Set "Dykhanie-1"  Device "Sprut-2"

Used science hardware:

  • Kit "Sprut-2. Device";
  • Kit "UDOD";
  • Set "Dykhanie-1";
  • Kit "UDOD-RM", including data storage device "UDOD. Data".

Used flight hardware:

  • Medical computer RSE-Med.

Expected Results:

Based on the research results, evaluation guidelines will be developed to improve the ways of preventing the adverse effects of regional redistribution of the circulating blood volumes under the long-duration spaceflight conditions by applying baro effects on the central hemodynamics using kit UDOD.

Experiment Results:

During the investigation phase UDOD + "Dykhanie-1" the following factors are recorded:

  • air flow rate (with automatic calculation of volume characteristics of the lungs during quiet breathing, measurement of lung capacity, maneuvers forced inspiration and exhalation);
  • breath-holding duration;
  • during quiet breathing, breathing and using mask UDOD the perimeters of abdominal and thoracic regions are measured (with automatic calculation of their contributions to the respiratory movements).

During the investigation phase UDOD + "Sprut-2" the impedance of the tissues is recorded (distribution of body fluids by regions are evaluated).

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