Man in space

Kontent Experiment


Validation of the objective automated method of prompt assessment of psychophysiological state of a cosmonaut, as well as intra-group and inter-group (crew - MCC) interaction based on the quantitative analysis of the cosmonaut communication with the MCC-M.


  • Studying the influence of a psychophysiological state of a cosmonaut on the quantitative parameters of their communication with MCC during a long-duration spaceflight (LSF).
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the intergroup interaction by analyzing the communications in the "Crew - MCC" loop.
  • Assessing the impact of psycho-physiological status of cosmonauts, as well as intra-group and inter-group interaction on the efficiency of information exchange in the "Board-Earth" loop.
  • Analyzing the quantitative data together with data of medical experiments ("Kardiovektor", "Kosmokard") to identify the relationship between the communication characteristics and physiological parameters.

Used hardware:

  • T61p Laptop RSE-MED.


  • Data storage device "Vzaimodeistviye-2".

Expected Results:

Development and testing of a new experimental method of analysis of verbal communication will provide a rapid non-invasive remote diagnostics tool for cosmonaut state in LSF without using special equipment and sensors. In addition, the introduction of the method in MCC operation practice will increase the efficiency and objectivity of the flight psychological monitoring, as well as the quality of psychological support.

Experiment Results:

All readings are recorded on a memory card, which is returned to the ground upon completion of the Increment.

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