Man in space

DAN Experiment


The aim of the experiment is to determine the relationship between changes in pressure in the carotid artery caused by redistribution of blood in the upper half of the body in weightlessness, and changes in sensitivity of the central respiratory mechanism (CRM).


  • Determining a breath-holding time for exhalation and inhalation at rest in weightlessness.
  • Determining a breath-holding time for exhalation and inhalation when exposed to LBNP in weightlessness.
  • Monitoring the dynamics of the CRM state in the process of a long-duration (up to one year) spaceflight.

Used hardware:

When performing the experiment the ISS RS medical support aids are used:

  • complex "Gamma-1M" designed to record ECG in abduction D-S and measure the blood pressure (BP-TR);
  • pneumatic vacuum suit (PVS) "Chibis-M" designed to create a lower body negative pressure;
  • stopwatch (flight hours) for measuring the breath-holding time at exhalation and inhalation (personal crew watches with integrated stopwatch are planned to be used).

To support the experiment, wet napkins (personal hygiene means) being part of the ISS RS medical support aids are used.

Expected Results:

The experimental results are of interest for the fundamental science (physiology, physiology of breathing), extending the understanding about the mechanisms of intersystem interactions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. From a practical point of view, the experiment results will be useful to clarify the drug administration that affects the state of the respiratory center when delivering care in long-duration space missions when staying on the planets with a modified gravity.

Experiment Results:

The experiment results are as follows:

  • readings of the stopwatch with breath-holding times logged in the record list and sent via radio (S-band) channel to a specialist of MCC-M LOCT MST;
  • ECG, heart rate, blood pressure values and pressure in PVS "Chibis M" transmitted real time via TM channels (BITS2-12).

ISS Crew

Hoshide  AkihikoHoshide

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Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Robert Shane

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